Monthly Cleaning

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From: $20.00 every 4 weeks

Sign up for our monthly can cleaning!

We’ll stop by once every four weeks to keep your cans sparkling clean. No contracts, headaches or hidden fees.

Please select your collection day and number of cans.

If you have a gate code please provide it in the notes section.

Bins with un-bagged pet waste WILL NOT be cleaned due to contamination of equipment and health hazard to bin-cleaning technicians.

Bins that have paint, tar, gum or like substances in them present special circumstances. We cannot clean wet paint out of a bin without damaging our equipment. We would have to turn the bin away until the paint is sufficiently dried to be able to be peeled off. In some cases, when it comes to dealing with these substances, to provide a satisfactory cleaning, more than one cleaning may be necessary.

We reserve the right to not clean a bin for any reason that we deem to be hazardous or a liability to us.

In the case we refuse a bin you will not be charged.


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We’ll stop by once every four weeks to clean keep your cans sparkling clean. No contracts, headaches or hidden fees.

Additional information

Number of Cans

1, 2, 3

Collection Day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Will both your trash and recycle be collected on your next pick up date

Yes, No, Not Sure

Trash/Recycle Hauler

City, Waste Management, Waste Industries, Not Sure, Other (please add hauler name in notes)

20 reviews for Monthly Cleaning

  1. Jennifer Lynn

    Amazing company owner is so nice ! I love my clean 🧼 citrus 🍊 garbage can !! I am no longer afraid to throw out the trash or touch my gross can ! It went from smelling like 💩 to smelling like 🍊brand new

  2. Camille DiVito Hinrichs

    I never thought I would say this before, but my trash cans are gorgeous!

  3. Brandon Poirier (verified owner)

    Best company hands down super clean smells great and the crew are so professional I will be using every month from now on

  4. Diane V. (verified owner)

  5. Deborah Mayak (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I ever survived before finding Citrus Vans!!

  6. Barbara (verified owner)

    This is the best service. For such a small fee, I know that my cans are always clean. It’s difficult for me to manage the large cans and, to be honest, I can’t always find time to clean them. Great job!!! Thank you

  7. Tony Britt-Kirkegaard (verified owner)

    Love having that citrus clean smell in what use to be a disgusting chore!

  8. Allison L. (verified owner)

    Love walking to my trash can and seeing it clean, it makes my heart happy. I am looking forward to seeing it in the summer.

  9. Katie (verified owner)

    Our cans always look and smell great!

  10. Jen L. (verified owner)

  11. Jo Ann (verified owner)

    Our trash cans are clean and shiny. I like how the folks from Citrus Cans stay in tough to let us know when they will stop by.

  12. Denise Bessellieu (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this company. My trash can no longer smells when I open it, they are prompt and inexpensive. I don’t know how I ever did without them.

  13. Casey Worley (verified owner)

  14. Amy (verified owner)

    Our cans smell so much better making our garage smell so much better. Thanks Citrus Cans!!!

  15. Daniel P. (verified owner)

    Great idea along with great service! No more smelly trash can!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Melinda C. (verified owner)

  18. Melissa Capps (verified owner)

    So excited about our new service! Loved watching the process and no doubt all the nasty germs are long gone. Thank you for doing the thing that no one else wants to do, and at such a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

  19. Cynthia A. (verified owner)

    Fabulous job! Our cans are so fresh and clean, I just wish I had done this sooner. I recommend this service to everyone!!! Cynthia A

  20. Mark Solano (verified owner)

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