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6 Months of Monthly Cleaning

$99.00 every 6 months

We’ll stop by once a month and blast though dirty trash cans until they are sparkling clean.

Please select your zip code, collection day, and estimated collection times (if known).

If you have a gate code please provide it in the notes section

Our can cleaning process is 100% Eco-Friendly. We use zero chemicals and only around a gallon of water per can cleaning.

you could check here more about the product. Bins that have paint, tar, gum or like substances in them present special circumstances. We cannot clean wet paint out of a bin without damaging our equipment. We would have to turn the bin away until the paint is sufficiently dried to be able to be peeled off. In some cases, when it comes to dealing with these substances, to provide a satisfactory cleaning, more than one cleaning may be necessary.

We reserve the right to not clean a bin for any reason that we deem to be hazardous or a liability to us.

In the case we refuse a bin you will not be charged.



6 Months of Monthly Can Cleaning

Additional information

Number of Cans


Can Collection Day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Will both your trash and recycle be collected on your next pick up date

Yes, No, Not Sure

Trash/Recycle Hauler

City, Waste Management, Waste Industries, Not Sure, Other (please add hauler name in notes)


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